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Sailing Boat Ocean Voyager 74 for sale

Manufacturer CIM Shipyard
Year 2009
Price yacht sold € 880 000
Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74
Layout of yacht Ocean Voyager 74 Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 3)
Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 4) Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 5)
Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 6) Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 7)
Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 8) Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 9)
DesignMichel Joubert/Bernard Nivelt
Engine diesel Yanmar 2 x 110 hp
Hull materialFiberglass
LOA22.25 m
Max beam10.30 m
Draft1.4 m
  • Fuel
  • 900 l
    Area of main sail + genoa214 m2

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     Yacht description Ocean Voyager 74

    For sale directly from shipyard. Brand new catamaran perfect for day-charter cruises.

    I. Building process

    The OCEAN VOYAGER 74’ is built with 3 main parts, hulls, beams and deck realised and assembled
    with great care.

    I.1 HULLS

    · Each hull is laminated in a female mould (laminated Fiberglas/ polyester resin and sandwich
    balsa), with temperature and humidity conditions controlled and regulated, according to the rule book.
    White isophtalic gelcoat.
    · Exterior stepping areas are treated with a white anti-skid finishing paint.

    I.2 BEAMS

    Structure is composed by:
    · Two main transversal beams in polyester composite with structural reinforcements (mast beam
    and aft beam)
    · A fore transversal beam (cross beam) in aluminium with bobstay, sheave anchor fairlead,
    trampoline fixations, etc...
    · Two longitudinal beam in aluminium alloy with trampoline fixations, two aluminium supports of
    chain guide of anchor fairlead kind with rollers, cleats. They hold the staircase system.
    I.3 DECK
    The deck is built in polyester with nidaplast sandwich as define:
    - Two polyester longitudinal structural beams firmly attached to the deck platform
    - The all is firmly attached to the main beams by bolting on anodised aluminium corners and
    smooth seal and to the hulls by laminated Fiberglas.
    - Draining of the water by lateral hollowing-outs and flush scuppers
    - Non-skid paint white finish
    II. Interior layout
    From forward to aft, the main partition bulkheads are as followed:
    - Collision watertight bulkhead
    - Engine room watertight fore-bulkhead
    - Engine room watertight aft-bulkhead
    - Aft beam watertight bulkhead
    Partitions for interior fitting are made of plywood and each compartment is equipped as define:

    II.1 PEAK

    - 1 opening deck hatch GOIOT 50-50 with aluminium access ladder
    - Storage spaces for hawsers, fenders, secondary anchor, tow rope, etc....
    - 500 l fuel tank on starboard
    - Service batteries on portboard


    - A lighting spot
    - Watertight Access by tight door
    - Soundproofing and heat insulation on the bulkheads of the engine compartment
    - Engine battery
    - Bilge pumping central sump


    - S/s and teak stairs down to the interior equipped with handrails, accessible by opening deck hatch
    GOIOT 79-79
    - 1 lighting spot
    - Plywood floor with the top surface laminated " teak aspect ".
    - Access door to toilet
    - Access door to cabin crew
    - White gelcoat finish
    Crew cabin :
    - 1 single berth
    - storage
    - 1 closet
    - 1 deck hatch GOIOT 50.50
    - 1 safety hatch LEWMAR T44
    - 1 opening porthole GOIOT 33.13
    - Access door to engine room
    - 2 lighting spot
    - Plywood floor with the top surface laminated " teak aspect ".
    - White gelcoat finish
    - Monobloc reversible air conditioner 700 BTU 230 V 50Hz
    Toilet- port board hull:
    Watertight toilet in counter moulded polyester (easy cleaning), forward the aft beam. The bottom of the
    compartment is connected to the central pump system to allow the draining. The toilet includes:
    - 1 electrical toilet with holding tank.
    - A washbasin with draining direct into the sea
    - An opening porthole GOIOT 33.13
    - A mirror
    - A lighting spot
    - storage
    - white gelcoat finish
    Toilet- starboard hull:
    Watertight toilet in counter moulded polyester (easy cleaning), forward the aft beam. The bottom of the
    compartment is connected to the central pump system to allow the draining. The toilet includes:
    - 1 manual W.C with holding tank.
    - A washbasin with draining direct into the sea
    - An opening porthole GOIOT 33.13
    - A mirror
    - A lighting spot
    - storage
    - white gelcoat finish


    Access by a fibreglass opening deck hatch integrated in the structure

    III. Manoeuvring system

    The manoeuvring system of the Ocean Voyager 74’ is settled in a fibreglass helm station gathering
    engines and electrical control. It consists of:
    - 1 s/s wheel – diameter 1200 mm
    - 1 hydraulic pump 170 CT CAR double bearing Lecomble et Schmidt
    - 1 overpressure valve + 1 bypass
    - 1 hydraulic system for the 24 V auto pilot (on starboard)
    And for each hull :
    - 1 jack VHM 60 DT 300 on the aft compartment with its fibreglass protection
    - 1 polyester composite rudder blade foamed in the section with rudder stock and high and low JP3
    self-aligning bearings
    - 1 s/s emergency steering tiller system
    - 1 keel in GRP composite with central sump

    IV. Engine compartment


    Each engine compartment is fitted with:
    - 1 diesel VOLVO engine, developing 110 CH, with 12V standard equipment
    - 1 mechanical gear box (8° angulation)
    - 1 s/s propeller shaft
    - A 3 blades Max Prop propeller
    - Control switches coming back at the steering position
    - Control panels with rpm indicator, temperature, alarms…


    Ventilation of each engine compartment is held by:
    - 1 extraction ventilating fan with polyester box for admission and extraction
    Capacity on recommendation of the engine provider

    V. Fuel

    The fuel storage is ensured by:
    - 1 aluminium tank with 400 litres capacity in the port board hull and 500 litres capacity in the star
    board hull
    - Visual level gauges
    - Pre-Filtration : pre filter RACOR
    - Filtration : engine filter

    VI. Fresh Water

    - The storage of fresh water is carried out with two aluminium tanks of a capacity of 400 litres with
    drain plug and visual gauge.
    - These tanks are coupled with a supplying pump feeding the wash-hand basins of bathroom, the
    sink of the bar and the showers on the aft transoms.
    - Specific supplying pump for deck washing with direct plug on the starboard bar (switch at the helm

    VII. Black Water

    Evacuation of black water from each toilets can be done directly to the sea or to the holding tank
    situated in each aft compartments (about 100 L capacity for each tank). Each tank is fitted with a 24v
    draining pump.

    VIII. Bilge pumping circuit

    The complete draining of the boat is based on the following equipment for each hull:
    - 1 immersed electrical pump 24v- 3m3 / h in the peak
    - 1 immersed electrical pump 24v- 14m3 / h in the engine compartment
    - 1 immersed electrical pump 24v- 3m3 / h in the central sump
    - 1 immersed electrical pump 24v- 3m3 / h in the aft compartment
    - 1 manual pump HENDERSON MK5 (outside manoeuvring) letting Dry every compartments
    - Level alarm with indicator at the helm station
    - All the valves are metal

    IX. Fire protection and fighting

    Fire fighting thanks to:
    - 6 powder extinguishers 2 kg
    - One FM200 fire fighting system per engine room (mechanical release)
    In addition, the following regulations are taken to fight against the fire:
    - Sea water supply for the engine via high temperature pipe rubber
    - Ventilation shafts classified as non fireable or metal

    X. Mooring system

    - 1 electric windlass LOFRAN 2000 W 24 V on the mast step bossage.
    - Up and down control button and switch circuit breaker for the windlass
    - Moorings equipment
     1 main anchor CQR 34 kg
     50m chain 14mm diameter
     1 secondary anchor BRITANY 35 kg + 100 m of synthetic fibre rope diameter 24 mm
    - Dock lines:
     2 dock lines diameter 24 mm, length 30 m black
     2 dock lines diameter 24 mm, length 20 m black
     6 round fenders
     2 spherical fenders

    XI. Electricity

    Electrical supply network includes:

    XI.1 D.C 12 V AND 24 V

    - Starting batteries 12V/ 180Ah for the engine on each engine compartment
    - Service battery 24V/400 Ah in the forward port board compartment.
    - Distribution panel including switches for the protection of the network.
    - Every switches and cables are carefully marked and listed
    Load’s system
    - 1 alternator 12 V – 140 A per engine for starting batteries’ loading.
    - 1 alternator 24 V- 110 A per engine for service batteries’ loading.
    - 1 220 V/24V 50A service battery charger

    XI.2 A.C 220 V

    - 1 shore power system
    - 1 220 V MARINCO plug on the aft transom with a 20 m cable link to the shore power
    - 5 plugs dispatched in the central compartments and the bar
    - 1 generator 9 Kwa with soundproofing cocoon

    XII. Electronic


    - 1 steering compass OLYMPIC 135 PLASTIMO with white protection
    - A navigation power-pack Raymarine ST 60 with 3 repeaters on the helm station:
    Weather vane/anemometer, loch/ sounder
    - A transmitter/receiver V.H.F ICOM M-421 next to the steering position, with main antenna on the
    mast head, secondary antenna on the aft davit and speaker on the steering console
    - A GEONAV 6 GPS with antenna on the steering console
    - An electrical fog horn operated from the helm station


    - Audio system based on JBL AUDIO (or equivalent) with amplifier, cd/MP3 reader, speakers, and
    - 4 speakers on the bimini and two speakers boxes betweens the bars
    - Amplifiers, tuners and cd/mp3 readers situated in the central bar.


    - 4 underwater spots, 24V-35W Xenon: 1 in each aft transom lighting under the dinghy and 1 in each
    fore part lighting under the trampolines
    - 14 spots 24V-10W fixed on the structure of the bimini and divided into two zones each one
    equipped with a variator. Zone 1 relates to the lighting of the bar and of the dinghy, zone 2 relates
    to seating area.
    - Each salon is equipped with 6 lighting 24v-10W, in the backside of the benches

    XIII. Exterior layout

    Exterior layout includes the following equipment:


    · 2 Batyline trampolines nets
    · The lacing of the nets is done via fibber batten
    · a rigid gangway made of teak battens between the two longitudinal beams, followed by the
    staircase system allowing access to the sea or the beach. It is made of 10 alloy steps, 2 rigid
    handrails and it is controlled by a halyard.
    · A mast step bossage with chain locker and fixation for the windlass


    The deck layout is fitted with 56 fixed seating places and the 4 mobile stools.
    Seating arrangement is as follow:
    - 4 persons on double polyester seat with rocking backrest at the front of the platform
    - 4 persons on double polyester seat with backrest , on the side of the platform
    - 4 persons on double polyester seat with rocking backrest at the aft of the platform
    - 40 persons on 4 salons with semi circle polyester seats with backrest.
    - 4 mobile stools
    - One seat for the skipper and on for the crew member on the aft of the platform
    The deck is also equipped with 4 coffee tables for the salons
    A 3 parts GRP bar with :
    - The port and starboard bars has a custom cooler (240 l each), a S/S sink and a rubbish bin.
    - The central bar is dedicated to sound system equipment
    - A bimini top cover, made of white gloss alloy tubular frame, fitted on the deck and surmounted by a
    sunshade canvas of Dralon ( “oyster“ grey ) with a tension system by eye-lets. Some steps will be
    fixed in one leg of the bimini to access to the boom via the longitudinal aluminium central strip of the
    bimini top cover.
    - A pair of alloy davits with full equipment on the aft beam
    - 2 GRP platforms (junction of the aft beam and the hulls):
    - The port board platform receiving a ENO KREYOL professional barbecue
    - The star board platform receiving the 50 passengers life raft
    · A G.R.P composite helm station


    - large steps for boarding and swimming
    - 1 pad eye for the dinghy
    - Hand rail
    - 1 foldable s/s bathing ladder and shower

    XIV. Mast, rigging, sails


    - White lacquered
    - Exterior anchoring rigging
    - 1 hoister with curser for the Solent halyard
    - Sheaves box
    - Jams
    - Cleats
    - Steps
    - Pipes for the electricity and electronic captors
    - Complete hardware and equipment
    - White lacquered
    - 2 articulated s/s articulated reefing pennants
    - Back and stern caps with sheaves
    - A topping lift point
    - Lazy-jacks extenders
    - Complete hardware and equipment
    Mast is maintained by
    - 1 forestay
    - 2 shrouds (main)
    - 2 shrouds (intermediary)
    - 2 spreaders
    Standing rigging is made according to the prescriptions of the mast supplier.


    - 8.3oz x 2 Dacron
    - 6 fiber battens
    - 6 Battens box with integrated adjustment
    - 3 reefs with s/s reefing eyes with leech line
    - Leech and foot line
    - Chaffing protections for the batten pockets
    - Sail bag
    - 7.3oz x2 Dacron
    - Leech and foot line
    - Anti UV acrylic luff and leech protection (“oyester“ grey)
    - Sail bag
    Gennaker ON ROLLER-FURLER S=125M²
    - Stormlite 2.2 - Polyester 3.5 Oz
    - Luff: kevlar cable
    - Leech and foot line
    CIM SHIPYARD - Z.I. du Canal des Soeurs - 17 300 ROCHEFORT – France
    Phone : + 33 5 46 99 54 51 - Fax : + 33 5 46 99 78 03 – E-mail : -
    - Sail bag


    - 1 main halyard, SPECTRA
    - 1 Solent halyard on hoister, SPECTRA
    - 1 geanaker halyard, SPECTRA
    - 1 fore stay sail halyard on cleat
    - 2 halyards for the flags
    - 3 reefing pennants, SPECTRA
    - 2 lazy-jacks topping-lift
    - 3 lazy-jacks pairs of arms
    - 1 boom topping-lift
    - 1 main sheet, Ø16
    - 2 manoeuvres for the car’s main-sail sheet Ø12
    - 2 Solent jib sheets Ø18
    - 1 gennaker sheet
    - 2 roller-furling stopper Ø12
    - 2 manoeuvres for the davits Ø10
    - 1 preventer

    XV. Deck hardware/ Equipment

    The OCEAN VOYAGER 74’ is equipped in deck hardware, deck equipment and lights as defined


    - track and care for the main sail
    - main sail tackle
    - Solent system
    - Gennaker system
    - Pulleys for main sail
    - Pulleys at the foot of the mast
    - Winches
    - 1 winch self tailing for the main halyard
    - 4 winches self tailing on the front beam
    - 2 winches self tailing on aft beam
    - 1 winch self tailing on aft beam
    - 4 double cranks for the winch


    - classical GOIT blocks :
    - 6 cleats for mooring (3 per hull)
    - 2 cleats on the front transversal beam
    - 2 cleats on the aft transoms (for fenders)
    - 1 cleats on the front longitudinal beam (for mooring)
    - 4 cleats on the bossage (on each side) for furling the Solent sheets
    - Toe rail and stanchions fixations GOIOT
    - 4 intermediate fairleads GOIOT
    - 2 s/s forward pulpits
    - 4 s/s aft pulpits
    - Stanchions and life lines
    - 2 lateral stanchion doors
    Lights :
    - 1 light on the mast
    - 1 deck projector on the mast
    - 3 navigation lights (1 stern light, 2 side lights)
    - 1 mooring light on mast head

    XVI. Paint/ Decoration

    Paints, decoration and cushions are defined as followed:
    - Anti-slip paint on accessible areas of the hulls, beams, deck, level steps,…
    - Preventive epoxy treatment anti-osmosis on bottom works
    - Black antifouling INTERNATIONAL MICRON 66 (2 layers)
    - Set of protection for the helm station, winches, barbecue, speakers, windlass and dinghy

    XVII. Safety equipment/ Documents

    Equipment as defined below:
    Safety equipment according to EC standard :
    - 50 Life jackets for adults and 10 children as requested by EC norms
    - 2 horseshoe buoy, one with IOR pole and one with a catching line
    - Flag mast
    - Flags N, C and Q
    - Life raft for 50 passengers
    - Dinghy Zodiac PRO 7 Man with Yamaha 15 HP engine

    Main-sail area: 156 m², Solent area: 58 m²,Gennaker: 125m²

     Yacht photo Ocean Voyager 74

    Sale the yacht Ocean Voyager 74 (Foto 10)

     Options of boat Ocean Voyager 74

    Rig - sloop
    Genoa furling
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